Doggy Jail

I have a dog. A very, very naughty dog. I also have a cat, as you will see shortly. Today started out innocent enough. A shower, some breakfast, and off to work. I spent the majority of my day at the office since we had a basketball game going on. I came home, she was happy as ever to see me. We played outside for a couple of minutes before coming in. That is when I noticed the poo. Yes, the poo. (Adam Sandler fans could say I called the ….. poo. Some of you will get that.) I felt forgiveness. She had been home for a number of hours, maybe nature called a little more loudly than usual today? I cleaned it up and proceeded to go upstairs to change. That is when forgiveness turned into rage. Why? Well, lets back up. Here is a barrier.

(Not sure why the image is skewed but it doesn’t matter) We put this barrier to keep our aforementioned cat’s food and litter box away from the dog. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt she would eat the cat food, the litter box…unknown. Until today. You see I spent my whole day working to come home to this sweet mess.

My forgiveness and generosity flew out the window when I realized I was going to be spending a good 30 minutes cleaning up this mess. That is why Lexi is in doggy jail. She not only turned litter box into sand box play time, she also ate all the cat’s food, hence the poo on the floor not only downstairs but also upstairs as well.

As I was cleaning up this mess, it hit me that we are like this to God all too often. You see, it started in the very beginning. God put up a barrier in Genesis 2 and told Adam and Eve to not eat of the fruit of one tree. They sidestepped that barrier and created a sweet mess that God was left to clean up. Because of this mess, evil entered the world and bad things happen to good people. You often hear people say, “If God is good, why does he allow this bad to happen?” or “why would God allow that to happen to a child, why didn’t He do something about it?” The answer is God did do something about it. He sent his son Jesus (John 3:16) to clean up our mess and to do something about the evil in the world.

I too create my own mess everyday and cause God to have to clean it up. I choose sinful things and do things I know I shouldn’t do. Romans 7:19 (NLT) says, “I want to do what is good but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway”. My dog knew she was bad and did what was wrong because the moment I came downstairs she tucked her tail and drooped her head. We do it too. We do what is wrong and we go to God with our tails tucked underneath and pray for forgiveness. I tell you this to encourage you today, that even though I forgive my dog’s “sins” how much greater is it that He forgives us of ours?

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